Blitz ‘n Pieces

During the course of any project of this nature a large number of components are acquired which then become surplus to requirements, or a better/more appropriate example is subsequently obtained.

We are prepared to consider offers for the items below. In the first instance we would wish to exchange for other items which may be of use to the project, but are prepared to sell for cash if exchange items are not available. We are prepared to loan out any component parts to museums to help in their rebuilds in return for their co-operation. Details of this service can be obtained in the first instance from Project Manager, Paul Rogers, tel: +44 (0) 7703 832099.


Hawker Hurricane Parts – Various Marks (MKI, MKIIc etc)

  • 3 no. rear tail wheels and hubs for light bombers
  • Boxes of various size hydraulic and air elbows and straight connectors, as new
  • Mk I/Mk II Tail wheel 3.5″ tyre and hub
  • Brand new set of Devon pneumatic brake bags
  • 2 no. 3-bladed hubs
  • 1 no. DH and 1 no. Rotol
  • Hurricane windscreen and metal surround with armour (off BD715)
  • Brand new Hurricane undercarriage indicator and fuel selector, boxed
  • Rusted engine frame with plates (off BD731)
  • Complete control column grip and sprockets (Hurricane)
  • 3 no.Engine Starting Button, Ref. 5C/1267 with flap as used in Spitfire/Lancaster
  • 3 no. Power units for use with above, Type 87, ref. 10K/201
  • Mk II tail wheel and hub. Various other tail wheels and hubs 5″ and 6″
  • Radiator temperature gauge (round)
  • 2 no. Early cockpit lights – red, night flying
  • Mag switches
  • Watts propellor hub
  • Hurricane main wing spars x2 (off BD731)
  • Central rudder assembly (off L1639)
  • Engine bearers, (off BD731)
  • Mounts (off BD731)
  • Armoured windscreen and also lots of small wing pieces (off LF363)
  • Tail plane and engine parts all available for negotiation.
  • Fuselage plates, plug ends (off L1644)
  • Foot stirrup and support tube (off BD731)
  • Central rudder assembly (off ZN035)
  • Tail plane (off BD371) – note no leading edge – Available in 2012
  • Wing fillets and running boards (off BD371, damaged)
  • Cockpit armoured plate
  • Damaged header tank (BD731)
  • Main fire wall skin (LF363)
  • Over 2,500 Hurricane and Fury detailed plans
  • Other Hurricane cockpit items
  • Undercarriage kick release assembly (complete)
  • Dog kennel stirrup release mechanism with aluminium flap & wooden

We have some 3rd Reich large eagle display (approx. 2ft in length) and infantry banner etc. Pictures to follow.

We have a backing plate (Hurricane/Spitfire) for a rotol spinner. We also have a selection of Mk19 Spitfire panels.

This is just a selection of the parts we have available – this page will be updated regularly.


  • Fishtail exhausts or ejectors
  • Hawker Fury/Hind/Hart bi-plane pieces
  • Any engineering tools or presses
  • 2BA blind nut fasteners – approx 100 required